Empower Your Patients To Successfully Start And Stay On Therapy

During the 2022 Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Conference, we'd love to collaborate with you and discuss individualized solutions to help your patients and prescribers. We look forward to helping you define ways to drive improved access and adherence to support your brand objectives.

Strategies that are already making an impact for other clients:

Support Model
Analytics &
Cell &

In-Workflow Services

A flexible, full-service solution that enables prescribers to enroll patients directly into patient support programs without having to leave their existing workflow

The in-workflow solution starts when a prescriber sends a prescription to the UBC Pharmacy. From there, UBC Pathways® technology, a suite of solutions to help patients access and adhere to therapy, enables case managers to provide a robust range of services.

Integrating this technology simplifies therapy initiation and allows for a more efficient path to services such as eligibility and coverage determination, prior authorization, appeal, affordability, patient engagement, adherence, as well as ongoing care coordination with other fulfillment pharmacies and distributors.

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UBC Pathways® Conversational Intelligence

Improve quality, productivity and insights derived from patient communications

Transform the customer experience through world-class artificial intelligence to ensure all communications are effectively monitored, scored and enhanced with insights to improve patient and stakeholder experiences. UBC Pathways® Conversational Intelligence allows you to:

  • Increase performance in real-time
  • Reduce after-call agent work
  • Summarize call details into actionable intelligence
  • Initiate workflow actions
  • Enhance compliance practices
  • Improve customer experience
  • Mine call patterns for deeper stakeholder engagement
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Patients-First Support Model

Comprehensive and integrated care programs to optimize the patient experience

We create customizable care programs to coordinate the therapeutic journey for patients, while also addressing the needs and requirements of caregivers, prescribers, pharmacists, payers and regulators.

In partnership with our clients, we create an optimal patient experience, designed to improve speed to therapy and overcome clinical concerns.

Accelerate Speed to Therapy
UBC's Access Services help patients overcome financial and administrative obstacles. This includes a comprehensive suite of Connected Health services such as electronic enrollment, electronic benefits verification and electronic prior authorization services, as well as support for co-pay, patient assistance programs and starter/bridge programs.

Educate & Empower
Our qualified clinical educators work closely with clients and patients to deliver comprehensive adherence and education programs. Powered by UBC Pathways® Engage, your patients create meaningful relationships with your brand through our services.

Care Coordination
By coordinating exceptional and compassionate care, UBC partners with patients throughout their healthcare journey, regardless of setting or need, to eliminate barriers to care.

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Cell & Gene

A fully integrated, support model for cell and gene therapy patients to achieve optimal outcomes

UBC Pathways® On-Ramp

Highly integrated cell and gene therapy platform to coordinate all activities associated with a personalized treatment plan. From patients and providers to manufacturers and labs, the integrated platform provides actionable insights that enable a seamless care delivery experience across the entire team.

  • Access - explore coverage, benefits and patient eligibility
  • Diagnostics - schedule and track patients' lab samples and results
  • Engagement - engage with patients to educate them on plan expectations
  • Outcomes - track and monitor how patients are responding to therapies

Simplifying the complex | How our cell & gene therapy support program provided life-changing access to treatment

Our client's product is a life-changing therapy for patients. However, it comes with a very high cost. Given the complexities of product acquisition, shipping and product administration, close consideration must be made regarding high-touch coordination and appropriate wrap-around services required by the patient, such as:

  • Pre-treatment lab tests to confirm diagnosis
  • Travel, food and lodging support to reach the treatment location
  • Financial assistance for qualified patients

"UBC is very engaged in their work and truly cares about the patients we serve. They are very friendly, helpful and responsive. Our case manager went above and beyond to exceed timelines that expedited the process for patients. We were navigating a very tough case with a family that needed support to get the patient a life-changing infusion. Our team successfully connected the family to the resources they needed at late notice to get the patient infused the very next day!"

Director, Patient Strategy and Access

Patient Engagement

UBC Pathways® Engage, our trusted intelligent mobile messaging, creates meaningful relationships with your patients to help them overcome barriers to therapy

Linda, our UBC virtual assistant, works in conjunction with case managers to keep your patients and providers informed and engaged throughout the therapeutic journey. She provides real-time, intelligent messaging to enhance activities that traditionally occur telephonically in a patient support hub.

Through automated conversation journeys tailored to your program needs, UBC Pathways® Engage enables you to deliver more effective patient support and critical care updates via a patient's mobile device.

For a recent program, Linda has had 96% positive patient sentiment with 84% percent of patients in the program saving the client contact numbers into their mobile devices. By saving phone numbers in their patient's phones, we were able to show 20% less call attempts to patients and each patient had on average 6.8 conversations in the mobile messaging software.

How Linda Improves The Patient Experience






Analytics & Insights

Proven results for adherence and access services

Our strategy puts both access and adherence support services on a level playing field with personalized outreach designed to prompt patients at the right time and at the right place. The key theme in our design is engagement.

Early in our patient journeys, we spend time 'getting to know' our patients, evaluating both patient and family needs, conducting assessments, and customizing specific interventions to overcome individual barriers to treatment. Over the past year and a half amid a global health crisis, the ability to provide virtual engagement tools and connect with patients on their terms has never been more important.

Are you measuring outcomes and adherence in your programs? Here's results from a recent program:

Patients enrolled in an access and adherence program for an oral medication are on average 22% more adherent to therapy than those not enrolled in the program.

Patient Sentiment:

Very Statisfied with
Hub Services

Very Statisfied with
Refill Reminders

Very Statisfied with
Disease State Education